Most of my inspiration is from sadness...When I write, I create a release..I have no intention of causing depression from my poetry, if anything I appreciate the ability to express it.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I wrote this poem a few months ago, I will not post the original, because it is very erotic...

Dark hallways leading to lanterns filled with fire,
Not a whisper or a shout can escape these walls,
Shadows lurk the corners, foot steps echo from a stranger,
Closing in on the prey he'll devour,

Blinding light emits from the cracks up above,
Water pouring from the sky like wine from a bottle,
Rays from the sun fill the once black room,
The dark figures vanish like a blur,

Your hands and feet bound,  stumble your way to the end,
Drag yourself out, fighting to live,
Little do you know, the escape you've planned will fail,
Every exit that would exist is burning on fire.

The clock chimes dusk, your heart pounding like a drum
All hope is lost, all fears have come real,
Panic in your mind, the disease spread to your lungs,
Rapid forms of breath, inhibiting your equilibrium

Smoke fills the air, you crawl on your knees,
Choking on the oxygen, dragging your limbs till you bleed,
Your vision impaired, reaching for safety to grasp
Touching the stones on the walls, remembering each one like a map

Danger lurks behind you, zooming in on your location
Disturbing voices getting louder by the second,
Sense the evil, envision your collapse,
Fear your future, fear what is left.

Close your eyes, shield your face
Open your eyes, meet your fate,
Darkness remains, it's all that you see...

Motions swifting back and forth, you beg, you plead
Forceful pull to the ground, every inch of your skin touched,
Violent violations of your mouth, all of your clothing ripped off,
Claws sinking deep into your flesh, slamming your pelvis hard onto the stone

These eyes intensely shine bright in the dark, demented glare staring into yours,
Pale skin, cold touch,  spread your legs...

Motion in the dark, the figure disappears,
Left alone once again, day light covers the ruins you lay within,
Covered in blood, draining out your veins,
Bite marks and bruises decorate your frail body,
Life escaping the hell, rebirth of the undead.