Most of my inspiration is from sadness...When I write, I create a release..I have no intention of causing depression from my poetry, if anything I appreciate the ability to express it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Aimlessly drifting..

Reached out for a preserver and sank instead,
Down beneath the dark navy graveyard,
Seaweed tangled my entirety pulling me down deeper.

Up above a shimmering light,
Rays of orange sunshine caress my face,
A moment of warmth before my last breath,
Listening to the ocean's symphony..

I had no will, my feelings a muck..
Letting you go was all too much,
Your voice, your thought never left my mind,
My love for you never got lost from time,
Now that I am older from then,
I have found out this fairy tale would end,
Your heart is not completely in,
Your love for me is almost pretend.

It hurts inside to conclude, if I am worth it at all to you, this bridge would not be broken, the planks would have been built again.

I know what I am, not just a lover nor a friend, I have feelings in my chest, they burn with anger from this mess. I find peace when I reminisce of all the times we shared in our bed, but the reality is your not here.

I find myself tricking my head into this place where your romantic antics aren't just for my sake...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My alias is wounded, she's been sitting on her shelf,
Her eyes don't see too clearly, nor the name she made herself.
These depictions I once told you have been erased from my memory,
The folklore I envisioned reveal a life that's much different from now on...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tear me to pieces why don't you, limb from limb,
Exhaust every breath out of me until I'm finished.
The clock is ticking, my parts are rusting,
I'm tired of the shouting and all that comes with it.

Blah Blah Blah Blah, negative, negative blah.

My energy is drained, I watch my body age....
The stress from day to day takes a toll on my soul.
My title as a mother has a meaning I can't fathom...

Blah blah blah....fill in space with something positive.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Walk with me, I want to feel your energy,
Let my mind drift into another reality, I know you'd be there.

Talk to me, I want to hear your voice whisper,
Speak of sonnets in this picture,
Of a vision we both share.

My hear aches to a beat, I cannot hear.
After all this time, I still dream about you.
I can sense the universe shift into another light,
I'd let the desire burn until this world came to an end,
With or without you. 
These days and nights have been lonely, I've been bartered with myself,
It wasn't too long ago I had too much to sell,
I've awoken my spirit, I've cast my own love spell,
I longed to find my being, the time has shown me well.

It's a far cry, far cry out to yourself,
searched for a true meaning, when it was only in myself
and it's been a long time, long time since I knew,
what I really wanted or what I was supposed to.

I've been waiting to find you,
did you know that?
I lost touch with your silhouette a century ago,
Now that I have you,
I'll never let you fade,
Disappear into the rain,
Watch you drown in your dismay..

You are beautiful,
should have never let them tell you otherwise,
Forget the past and pain,
Forgive those who took pieces of you away.