Most of my inspiration is from sadness...When I write, I create a release..I have no intention of causing depression from my poetry, if anything I appreciate the ability to express it.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I got a man whose infected with the fever, I got a man whose burning inside
I got no money, but I'm somewhat of a believer, the grass caught on fire and it's better on my side.

Won't you run away with me, I can't cure you but, I think, a little medicine just might make this right,
I could bound and tie your wrists, be your dominatrix or smile real sweet and bandage your fists...

I got a man whose heart beats to a rhythem, a tune I play when he's inside of me.
I got a heart that shattered on the kitchen table, my family dined and were fed for a year.

Won't you come and stay with me, we could build this house with leaves, I'd tell the wind to take a hike.
I could grow our own garden, the one we dreamed and forgotten, plant the new life and let our love subside.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

As I lay here on my couch, I am nauseous.
I want to express myself, but know it's negative.
I can write how I feel and be done...
I don't understand why I am sick.
Every month. Weak immunity?
Over exerted?
I feel like I am no fun.
I try to be healthy.
I haven't drank a drop of alcohol in almost seven months.
I haven't had sugar, besides potatoes in almost a month.
I turn white as a ghost and puke at work randomly.
I take all my vitamins and probiotics like a good girl.
I go to the gym despite how I feel.
I want to live and do things.
I am afraid that no one will be there.
I am so tired.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I approached a lone man. his eyes were covered by one hand, the other rested on his lap. 
He appeared to have no tongue, could not speak, hum or tell what he had written down. 
I leaned down to his side and whispered in his ear "why are you here?".
Silence was my cue he could not hear. 
Gardens surrounded the shelter. 
Lush, green flora imprisoned us.  
Clouds formed a grey gate outside the entrance. 
Vines and branches rapidly grew before me.
Hands and ankles bound, lifted above ground......
The man laughed as if he knew....

It poured, acid like rain burned my skin.
The clothing I wore melted away.
The fumes from the air disrupted my vocal projection. 
A loud roar of thunder echoed in the night...
Blood dripped down from my ears..
The man stood on one foot and removed his hands from his eyes.
I was blinded by the toxic skies. 
"Want to live?" he asked "Sign this paper and you'll pass."
Of course I would to survive..
The deed was did and done, the man vanished and I was left.
My sight had been taken, I could not speak, nor hear. 
I traced what was written with the tips of my fingers...

I have lived for millions of years and evolved thousands of times...
The elements I endured failed to eliminate my existence.
I dwell in your mind and pierce into your soul when you are weak.
Any negative thought feeds me with delight...
If you turn off the lights, I will appear.

Man fears my truth. I am paid to be ignored.
You may sacrifice yourself for me..
I will never approve.
Even though I say I do...

I am you. I am your enemy. I will fill your heart with dread. Keep you from happiness.

There may be light and there may be love, the strongest bonds become parallel....
Unite, trust and speak of peace, banish the darkness that resides in all of us.