Most of my inspiration is from sadness...When I write, I create a release..I have no intention of causing depression from my poetry, if anything I appreciate the ability to express it.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stories that I felt tell a time of when we met, long before either of us lived this life,
Chemicals and scarlet letters play a role that night together,
For wrong or for right, I have to close my eyes.

I cannot comprehend what's going through my head,
Or why I feel so guilty looking at you.
Silence can prove me well, block this connection against my will for the sake of purity...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In sickness and in health I'd share with you my well,
The waters would be plenty, the glass never half empty.
Over a day and night I'd share with you my life,
The time well spent, the moment never ending.

If I could choose the shade of the moon, I'd go with crimson to match our blood.
Look up above and gaze into you, see our bleeding hearts reflect in the dark.

The sickness deep inside, won't always be alive,
These lines of words won't concern my soul or yours,
In honest and in truth, I can't stop loving you,
Without this misery, redemption plays a fine tune. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I wake in the morning, sit against the edge of my bed.
I raise my arms to the ceiling and wish that I wasn't there,
This moment, this destiny is accelerating time,
I'd stop to smell the roses, but the buds have already died.

The sunshine helps, it really does,
This peaceful walk by myself is all that I want.
I touch the leaves that have fallen on me,
Rest my head against the tree that makes me feel secure,
It won't always be there, nor will I, but the energy is alive
and this lesson I have learned has taught me the power of the earth,
We can always breathe and love, no matter what your hell is,
no matter what the weather brings, the violent storms will form,
but we can't let the grey take over, it's a natural balance and freedom we can choose,
from the wave lengths that exhausts or minds, but once you've found the way, to take all fear away...
The sky will be blue, the waters will too and the ones you love will possess this power too. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's not so far away, I'll catch the time another day,
Hours are minutes it seems.
I sleep, I need the rest,
Let the worry of tomorrow pause,
Open my eyes and hit the play button again.

I'll walk the straight line to the room, where I'll inhale those mysterious fumes...
Breathe in and count numbers and then it's done.
I'll wake in a strange state, in a room I've never been,
Food will bring me pain, inject my iv with morphine..
Sleeping away the recovery. 
I bite my tongue every chance that I get,
Write love letters to the one who I can't forget,
I could be wasting time, but it doesn't matter,
These tangled heart strings are tying together.

I have no fear for what I say,
This tune in my head will always be heard,
The mute button doesn't work,
But sometimes I hear silence,
And when it's quiet, I wonder if it will return,
Then this love song plays once more.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I'm bothered by the way I walk around,
I seem to wander off when they converse,
The frustration is too easy, the prowlers won't rest,
I roll my eyes and leave, yet they latch on to me like a leech.
The more I let myself go, the more they come,
Line up my imprisoned counter.
I'm not an object, not a prize.
I don't care what you drive.
Go fuck yourself and die.
Leave me alone.

Phantoms fill the room, it's dark against the moon,
Feelings feed the unfortunate speech of what I speak,
Time goes on, the flowers grow, sunshine beams when I'm alone,
It darkens the valley within a few seconds, when I think too much.
Borrow my spirit for a day, wait for the sky to trade more lives..
I'm spinning thinking of you, thank you for the inspiration,
I say fuck off for the complications in my heart and mind.

Until I'm healed and new, I'll still be lost,
Sew my patches one by one and fill the stitches,
Pat the dust from this place, wipe the new day with a clean slate. 

I write to release my voids, remind my faults,
I relate to myself only because I know it well.
I care about things too much..Not enough to be smart enough.
I've lost myself once again,
Wonder when I'll let myself win.

It's hard to say I don't love you, when your the only one. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's not enough to say I love you,
There's no point in feeling yet,
I waste my mind on old memories,
Compare the hands to the ones I've met,
I laugh at my silly gestures,
I am entertained by where my thoughts have traveled.

My dreams are real when I sleep at night,
The future I see is the one thats right,
I can pass the time, if they'll go away...
I can be myself when I hide my face.

It overwhelms me to smile, tell my story and how I'm well,
These interviews invade my true wants and desires.
I am interested in not one soul, I am disturbed from what they want,
I lack the formula that forms the girlfriend counterpart,
What ties the bond between another to one self,
All there is, is black and white,
The walls seeks my approval for red,
Maybe the pictures that were once colored will be seen.