Most of my inspiration is from sadness...When I write, I create a release..I have no intention of causing depression from my poetry, if anything I appreciate the ability to express it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I decipher on to you as you on to me,
Read each word you write carefully...
I follow the trail you've left behind,
Pick up the crumbs leading to the dark woods....

This confusion of all despairs,
All the warning signs are lit behind my eyes...
If I carry on to the house made of delicacy,
Shake hands with the painted picture,,
I could get lost in the eyes of a predator,
Find my way back home to what's true,
I twist this dagger three folds,
Deep in the belly of no remorse,
I drink the blood of my enemy,
Share my pain, point the end of the sword to my throat.

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