Most of my inspiration is from sadness...When I write, I create a release..I have no intention of causing depression from my poetry, if anything I appreciate the ability to express it.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

I've been depressed. I've let pessimistic thoughts burden me. 
Not since awhile, when I'd smile, this mask wouldn't burn. 
I'd talk to you, share my view and your tone or lecture scared me...
It's not what you say, it's the rhythm of your breath, vibrations of your intent....
Frustration, loss of cause, the point you have placed, has a harder time making it through. 
It's not anyone's fault, I walk in my own problems, just in need of some positive truth, 
I cry in my bed, laundry, clutter everywhere, why can't I move? 
Traumatic events open doorways that hurt. 
The stress wins the race. 

This negativity needs to end, I have a lot to be happy about. 

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