Most of my inspiration is from sadness...When I write, I create a release..I have no intention of causing depression from my poetry, if anything I appreciate the ability to express it.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I have not been thinking..I have been ignoring that little voice in my head. I can't tell my conscience from my ego anymore. I don't want to be bad. I am trying hard to place my feelings in the right place, but I am being clumsy. It's like I have all my thoughts and actions in my hands and I am dropping them all over creating a mess everywhere. Why do I do this? Why is it every time I am low, I want comfort from someone who wont even call me for months. I often think of psychic readings and what has been said to me.. My spirit guide can communicate with someone other than me? His name is Jonathan? Descriptions of a person who resembles my previous boyfriend, they knew his name! It's a trip. Time frames given to me..Six months from June I am supposed to be with my soul mate. December...Maybe that's when my soul will leave? 

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